Immaculate version by Scott Rutherford

To: Jürgen Otterstein (head of East-West/Time Warner, Hamburg)
copies to:
Harald Tucht
RA Wolfgang Heilmann
Bundespräsident Roman Herzog (Berlin, by mail)
Horst Bork (Energy, München)
Patricia Thurow (MCA, Hamburg)
Sarah Francis (Big Life, London)
Steve Lewis and Andy Godfrey (Chrysalis, London)
Albert Slendebroek (Metronome-Polygram, Hamburg)
Daniel Miller (Mute, London)
Ken Matsutani (Capt. Trip, Tokyo)
Scott Rutherford (Speed Kills, Chicago)
Jim DeRogatis (Rolling Stone, New York)
and others plus global key media after the...

HalloGallo Cartello,

my 191-IQ ripened through countless adventures + far more than 1000 trips tells me: We better spend a bit more time on trying to understand each other.

The key-word of Horst Bork during his visit on Nov 22nd was: "zentrieren" = concentrate = Time Warner + Polygram (after all: Japan? ... NEU! 4 is out in Japan) sort that out who buys...:

NEU!-Records, -Multimedia, -Publishing [* (free:)], -TV, etc.

(... after all: JAPAN?)

--> could start with:
1. NEU!
2. NEU! 2
3. NEU! 75 *
4. NEU! 4 *
5. La Düsseldorf *
6. La Düsseldorf "Viva" *
7. La Düsseldorf "Individuellos" *
8. La Düsseldorf 4 "Néondian" *
9. Thomas Dinger "Für mich" *
10. Die Engel des Herrn *
11. Die Engel des Herrn live! as Hippie Punks *
+ new releases: --> NEU! 5 live! in Tokyo/Osaka Sept. '96
--> La Düsseldorf 5
plus countless videos, photographs, documents, objects as well as my diaries since Jan. 1st, 1976 etc.

The situation:
"Omerta" or "The Sound of Silence:" no more Horst Bork; Patricia doesn't even "fucks" me a photo; the whole NEU!-hallogallo-Big Life-Steve Hillage-MCA-Chrysalis-XTC affair came to a halt - but listen, this time not everything stands still if it is Time Warner's will. The courts go on and Japan goes on...

If You don't lift Your ('85) boycott I'll go to Japan and I'll ask for political asylum there and launch a big campaign against Western business and media fascism. - This is absolutely not a "free market", Herr Bundespräsident... I wish You knew!

When I get more copies, I'll send NEU! 4 to some of You and I'll ask Scott Rutherford of Speed Kills (Chicago) to send an immaculately printed version to some of You.

Cha cha 2000!
Klaus Dinger, 17. Dec. 1995


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