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In response to Your fax 14 March to be published in Marquee-magazine. You would do me a great favour if You also print it in English!

on "psychedelic", copyright: K.D.

One of the greatest experiences in my life was and still is: LSD, which totally changed my attitude to the world as a whole and to myself as part of it. It was, is and will be reflected in my music, work and in my life-style. It's fantastic and also (can be) very dangerous. So: People should be taught at school how to use / handle it. Politicians and executives should have experienced / survived at least 10 trips before coming to power and after that should regularly test their abilities and deeps under LSD.

Short advice for starters:
What's deep inside Yourself and around You comes out and over You up to million-fold. So make sure You're in a stable and stress-free state of mind and in a peaceful surrounding with good (experienced) friends not too far away on a warm and sunny day and nothing to do on the next day. Better do it together with a good friend - not alone! Best with the one You love...
Have a good trip!

Cha cha!
Klaus Dinger, 26. March 1997


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