The three "classic" NEU! albums will be officially re-released on CD at last! On April 10th, 2000, Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother and Christa Fast (Conny Plank's widow and owner of Conny's Studio) signed a contract with Herbert Grönemeyer's label Grönland for the official re-release of the three "classic" NEU! albums on CD and LP.

These three albums (NEU!, NEU!2, NEU!75) were originally released on vinyl in 1971, 1973, 1975, respectively, and have not been available (except on illegal, low-quality bootlegs) since the early 80ties, and they have never been officially available on CD. Klaus and Michael have been negotiating with a lot of different record companies about a re-release since the early 90ties and have, unfortunately, always failed due to opposed opinions about the kind of contract. Now, and at last, negotiations were successful and these three albums were officially reissued by Grönland.

The images below show the first and the last page of the contract.

First Page of the Contract between NEU! and Groenland

Second Page of the Contract between NEU! and Groenland


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